Alfie ( the cat )

Added on November 21st, 2013 in Testimonials, The Hoppers Blog

Fri 9th Aug, 10:36 am, from Emma Henderson.

Rest Harrow, Bentham
Just to let everyone know the cat (Alfie) is now back with the owners. I met up with the owners yesterday. Just to say a huge well done to everyone who was involved in Rest Harrow after 2 fallen through sales, 40 odd viewings and numerous phone calls and visits we finally SOLD it!!!! Bob & Joan are very happy with us, got a cuddle and a kiss off both of them and excited about their new home. xxx

Alfie accidently got left behind. Emma went and collected him and took him home for the night, returning him to him to his new owners in their new home the next day !!

Thank you Emma this is,¬†one on those magic moments in customer service ! and was very much appreciated by Alphie, his owners, the new owners of Alphie’s old house and your Employers Liz & Brian!