Dip In The Dales

Added on August 20th, 2011 in The Hoppers Blog

Thank you to all who sponsored and helped Brian prepare for his Dip In The Dales!

Brian I am really proud of you,

5 weeks ago when you announced you were going to do it, I thought you were nuts, While I know you are pretty fit !  I didn’t think you could swim a mile especially in cold water.

So we went to Catterick pool for a swim, and decided he could do with some lessons.

Thanks to Julie Tanner’s coaching and lots of hard work, running in a morning and swimming most days after work, he finally swam a mile in the swimming pool 12 days ago. Then Julie took him to swim out-doors in Ellerton Lake to get him used to the cold and open water swimming.

We arrived at Semerwater this normally flat calm, beautiful, shallow lake looked cold, grey and very very choppy.

Brian completed his mile lap of the lake in 45min 32 seconds!!!

A fantastic effort to raise over £750 !! for Sue Ryder Care

Liz c