He’s at it again!

Added on August 18th, 2011 in The Hoppers Blog

The intrepid Brian is at it again, joking apart Brian is going to Swim (I mean swim) Lake Sermerwater (well a mile of it anyway) on Saturday 20th August, this Saturday, so anyone wanting to support him and others raising money for Sue Ryder Hospice please go along at 10.am and cheer them on. www.suerydercare.org/events.php/901/dip_in_the_dales

Before you put any money on him, Brian hadn’t swum a mile until about 10 days ago so if anyone could help with armbands or any other aids I am sure he would appreciate it.

When Brian has a practise swim, his Spaniel “Tag” jumped in to join him, but quickly found the water to cold and weedy, and deserted him!