Our Sarah !

Added on November 3rd, 2012 in Testimonials


Sarah Lambert – Negotiator

J R Hopper Estate Agents

Sincere person whom always displays techniques of negotiation to the highest level of discretion and professionalism, be it in a Solicitor’s office or vendor’s home.    Able to diffuse a scenario when perhaps a sale could be lost due to misunderstanding of communication be it on the telephone, email or Surveyor’s Reports .   Rare personality.  Would put her vendor and purchaser first beyond the normal office hours. Would then lock the office up whilst apologising on the mobile to the child-minder for being late but “just had to help my client!” Always there!!  Whether absent from desk due to work, illness, holiday or attending function in London.  “I shall pick up your voice mail on the train home, excluding the tunnels.”     Happy personality thus giving the recipient of her conversations the feeling that everything is positive and that one must never give up in a crisis.      Listens attentively and able to extract speedily the necessary facts that the highly proficient  Negotiator so requires to ensure the ease of the sale and purchase transaction.       Astonishing level of understanding and in a truly caring manner.  This probably stems from the Yorkshire family unit and close community that Sarah Lambert has been surrounded by throughout her life.  Her commitment to the public and transparent practices so required legally in this “cut throat” world of commerce brings you back to Sarah’s office to assist in yet another conveyance matter.     Memorises facts from years past.  A necessary skill to let the individual person feel that they are so important to Sarah, and then she is able to pass this professional development knowledge on to those around her be they younger or older herself. Beyond the call of duty of any Estate Agent.  Would never hesitate to try the “unattainable” and  even suggest to others that there could be a member of the community in need of help  to solve a financial issue in connection with her vendor’s predicament.  Energises peers around her and those in offices of authority such as legal departments to ensure the goal is achieved and on the target date…so important with the stress of selling, buying and arranging all the necessary utilitarian tasks.    Relentless in assisting people with a warm welcoming smile and unique sense of joviality.  Confident to relate tidings of bad news but always commanding the dialogue so as to emit that absolute positive statement.. that “don’t worry I shall make it happen you see”….  ……..TRUST  me and my family, in that  Sarah Lambert can assist in making “miracles” happen  Because Sarah is a highly professional person inside and out.  She has absorbed situations  around her for many years and uses the good and bad experiences to improve her  negotiating skills.  Sarah is not afraid of change and always seeks to please and reach  the winning goal!