Rock on October !

Added on October 19th, 2012 in The Hoppers Blog

Rock on October House Sales Rocket in the Dales..I’m so excited. I cant wait until the end of the month. I have to tell you about this now. Our house sales so far in October are already up to 20!! and we are only at the 19th . Thats more than 1 a day!! We have already sold over £4 million worth of property.
This months figures are already the highest for almost 2 1/2 years.. We sold…

21 in the whole of April 2010, and 20 in May 2009. We are going to smash those figures by the end of the month.The great results are right across the Dales, with our Settle team agreeing 11 deals and Leyburn 9 so far. Interesting to see which office tops out at the month end.
It also applies to all prices of properties, with deals being done for Leasehold businesses, £100,000 flats & boltholes, £250,000 holiday cottages, £600,000 farmsteads and guesthouses,…Oh ..and Waterfalls!

Prices are holding up, with sales being agreed at 94% of Guide price. Average house sale price this month is up at £238,441

Some “old chestnuts” have been moved on this month as well. Always a healthy sign. Half the sales are on properties that have been on market less than a month. 1 or 2 have been on ,…should we say …..a little longer!

It shows, there are buyers out there, they are looking, they are buying. But if you are not getting viewings and offers from your agent, have a word with them…or better still ..have a word with us..

Talk to you next week with more good news, I hope.

PS. Please pass this good news on to anyone else who might be thinking about a move.