We’d Like To Introduce……….

Added on October 26th, 2018 in The Hoppers Blog

Mandy, Negotiator @ Leyburn Office.

I’m still classed as the newbie so I guess I’m technically in training for a while longer. Coming from a hospitality background has been an interesting transition.

I’m not going to lie – having a nosy round people’s homes is great!! Obviously there’s a lot more to the job than that but seeing the finishes on some of these properties blows me away!! I get to go and take all the pictures & measurements, type up the details to get everyone interested and deal with the people wishing to view. It’s similar style customer service but at a definite slower pace! No 2 days are the same – I could be in the office typing up & answering inquiries or I could be out doing viewings.

It’s certainly not the stereotype estate agency was once made out to be and I’m finding an interesting new challenge at every turn (and also a possible addiction to home buying programmes on TV!!!)